He should make an appeal to the Hon. Governor of the Province

On each Wednesday

  1. Applications from the 2 officers
  2. Letters on the absence of Disciplinary procedures & Audit queries
  3. Service confirmation certificates
  4. Consent for the mutual Transfer from both officers.

Refer Pub. Ad Circular 01/2014



Yes. But application should be forwarded through proper official

02 Years

Only Island wide Services

  1. Request of the Officer
  2. Transfer Application Form (according to Pub Ad. Circular 25/91)
  3. Letter of consent to be placed at the end of the seniority list
  4. Letter of consent stating that the officer agrees to work in any service place
  5. Letter of confirmation on the absence of Audit issues & No Disciplinary inquiries
  6. Certified copy of the appointment letter
  7. Certified copy of the letter of confirmation
  8. Certified copies of Examination Results (by the Commissioner General of Examinations)
  9. Grama Niladhari certificate confirming residency (with relevant to 03 years)

No One can make an appointment over telephone & meet the Secretary

No. It can be downloaded from the Web.

The  time frame of four consecutive  examinations  from the date of first appointment.

Only certain Posts

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